Including office space, living space to public space, and professional space, ITOKI supports a variety of create an environment surrounding the person.

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August   Announcement concerning the Resolution of Purchase of Treasury Stock  
August   "NeoCon 2015" report  
June   Announcement of the "NeoCon 2015" exhibition  
May   ITOKI signed the Joint Venture Agreement with Modernform Thai  
January   Global’s Spree chairs win the Best of Year Award  


November   ITOKI Expands its “High Aseismic Performance Partition G” Lineup  
November   ITOKI Launches a New Power-driven Mobile Rack System, “Systema Auto Rack An Type”  
November   Expedites “Human and Information” Communication in Office Spaces ITOKI New “FIKA”  
November   ITOKI’s New Chair, “NONA”  
November   ITOKI Launches New “ActiveField”  
September   Nestlé Japan and ITOKI CORPORATION Initiate “Wellness Office” Project!  


November   ITOKI launches a "Vento" chair with a white frame, bringing a new design to new-generation chair feeling the wind in the office  
November   ITOKI launches new workstation "INSALATA" supporting diverse work styles from group work to individual work  
November   The ITOKI Tokyo Innovation Center, SYNQA, became the first Japanese company to receive the Global Winner of "The Shaw Contract Group 2013 Design is... Award".  
May   The ITOKI Tokyo Innovation Center, SYNQA, achieves zero CO2 emissions through carbon offsetting